Your One-Stop Facility

Meeting the needs

We supply :-

  • The Right Part
  • In the Right Place
  • At the Right Time

When and Where the Customer requires it!

Supply, replenishment and control

Supply, Replenishment and Control of all consumable materials used within your premises

  • Next-Day stock delivery
  • Free Loan Racking
  • Up-to-Date Invoicing

Benefits of such a service

  • Quality Stock availability
  • Free up time for more important tasks... like dealing with your customers!
  • Eliminate downtime whilst waiting for deliveries
  • Product Support and Safety Information readily available
  • Bins & Cabinets to enable ease of storage and continual stock control.
  • Constant stock monitoring.
  • Full servicing of the installation at an agreed period.
  • Competitive prices - constantly reviewed.
  • Lower standard quantities than most of our competitors.
  • Consolidated invoicing.
  •  Minimum & maximum stock levels to be set by customers.
  • Customer to be updated with any new product information
  • Information and Advice Always Available
  • Regular Inventory Checks
  • Regular Invoicing - Immediate and Consolidated
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Free Loan Racking

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